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March 09, 2015


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Joe Butson (@JoeButson)

Very interesting and informative post on Target's foibles and opportunities. I think it will be a long and difficult path for the retailer to make inroads with a demographic that seems almost counter cultural to its strengths. Latina women are very active on Social Media and so their mobile strategy may hel. Cartwheel would need major re-vamping to move from coupon to social functions. Maybe the could start by offering a language preference on the web/mobile site.

One more point, as I don't want to seem to be detracting from your detailed background on Target. Target claims to want grow the digital sales by 40%. Good for them. Except they infamously opened up in Canada without a digital channel and it didn't help them with that new market that they were behind the curve so far. So until they start producing results vs. having their CEO make dubious claims of paths forward, they should keep expectations managed through humility.

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